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Invisible Zechs - LOLGundams Galore

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10/17/07 06:26 am - salamandere - one more...::addiction::

OK one more for now!
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10/17/07 06:23 am - salamandere - More lols at your service

A few more LOLs
Get your LOLS hereCollapse )

10/11/07 05:11 pm - jade_sage - Y HALO THAR

Riffing off of one of Kwyck's earlier LOLs...


Oh noes!

(cap from AboutGundamWing.com)

10/10/07 03:08 am - scacao - I will never get real work done again...

This is so cliche but I couldn't help myself :3

internet meme status: criticalCollapse )

10/9/07 12:54 pm - wickedgameff - These are all the ones I've made so far

image heavyCollapse )

Will return with more when I can!

10/9/07 03:19 pm - salamandere - Captain? It's a lolgundam.

Here are my lolgundams. This. Is. So. Addictive. XD Thanks for starting this community jade_sage \^o^/ I think most of these screencaps are from MOR...the others...I forget! sorry!

It's..it's a lolGundam!Collapse )

10/9/07 12:45 pm - jade_sage - Let's start this party off RIGHT.

READ THE INFO PAGE FOR THE RULES, YA HEARD? OK, I love you, time for some LOLgundams! lolgundamwing THIS WAY TO THE LULZCollapse )

All screencaps from MoR and AboutGundamWing.com
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